It is relatively easy to decide on prints, cuts, and styles, but fabric is something we can never compromise on. There are two types of fabrics – natural and synthetic.
If you’re on the hunt for fashion clothes that feel as brilliant as they look, here’s a handy list

1. Silk: Silk has a long history in India. It is known as Resham in eastern and north India, and Pattu in southern parts of India. Silk is considered to be a symbol of royalty, and, historically, silk was used primarily by the upper classes.

2. Cotton: It is another great fabric which is loved by all fashion designers. It is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemical fertilizers, and is simply better for your health and the environment. Clothing made from cotton have the feel of linen without the weight.

3. Wool: Wool is renewable, fire-resistant and doesn’t need chemical inputs. Look for chlorine-free wool from humanely-treated animals. Organic wool is increasingly becoming available: it is produced using sustainable farming practices and without toxic sheep dips.These types of fabric represent positive change and give your skin a natural care. You can enjoy the above mention fabric in all the seasons. So, make your wardrobe rich with clothes made up of above mentioned fabrics and enjoy eco-friendly life.

4. Satin: Satin is a sleek and glossy fabric created with a particular type of textile weave, during the process woven material is run through hot cylinders. Satin is used to realize a lot of products, in particular elegant dresses, bridal and wedding wear.

5. Liva: A new-age fabric created naturally, LIVA is comfortable, soft, 100% natural and eco-friendly. Whether pure or blended, it transforms not just garments (like this top from Lifestyle), but also you. You can defy all norms of usual fabrics and go through your day without feeling weighed down.

6. Spandex: It also known as Lycra, is a synthetic, or man-made, stretch fabric that gained immense popularity in the 1980s in a range of clothing items, beginning with biking shorts. Its formfitting properties quickly caught on with a younger, body-conscious crowd, and by the 1990s the apparel industry was using spandex and spandex blends in tights, bodysuits, T-shirts, pants, skirts, and even men’s shirts. Spandex leggings, usually in black and worn with a baggy sweatshirt that covered the hips, were a popular casual style for young women.

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