Linen fabrics are crisp, strong and absorbent. Woven in a variety of weights, they tend to be high quality and are generally more expensive than cottons. As they are cool to wear, linens are often used to make summer clothes. Linen tends to crease easily so it’s sometimes mixed with other fibers to reduce this effect.

1. All-natural
2. Antifungal and antibacterial
3. Strong and durable
4. Easy to launder
5. Easy to dye

Linen is used for a variety of purposes. The use of linen fabric has gone beyond the fashion industry alone. It is now used in mix with other materials and is used for daily wear. Linen is not very expensive and is definitely the king of fabrics presently. Clothes made of linen can be easily accessorised. Linen fabric is available in a variety of designs, textures and prints making the material more wanted by everyone around.
Egyptian linen is used by most of the fashion designers. Scottish and Irish linen are very popular because of the unique white colour that is ideal for summers. Scottish linen is lighter than Irish linen. Similarly, Japanese and French linen have unique characteristics and are genuinely liked and bought by many people around. These linen types are mostly used for tops, shirts, men suits and pants.
Linen is still not the favorite fabric of every designer when it comes to detailing, but even then it is in fashion; it is not lagging behind. Long skirts, coats and dresses with delicate embroidery and thread work look best on linen. Heavy embroidery and bead work take away natural charm of linen.
Linen fashion is much popular in neutral and lighter shades, because it is mostly worn in summers. White, beige and light brown are the colors that have gained high popularity in linen clothing. Some designers have tried to add brighter colored linen clothes to their fashion trends. Linen fabric is known for its exclusivity, trendiness and elegance. It has a natural shine that gives it that extra touch of glamour.

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